After seeing similar vintage china cake stands on BHLDN, sparks started to fly and the cogs began to crank – those would be so easy to make… And, they were!

DIY – vintage china cakestands

What you’ll need: an assortment of vintage plates and wine glasses and some two-part epoxy


First, select a vintage plate (keep the diameter in mind for what you might want to put on it – cakes, cupcakes, treats, or jewelry!) and pair it with a vintage glass (the thicker the glass the better because there could potentially be a lot of weight on top!). Scour Ebay or Goodwill for cheap finds or use a family heirloom if you want!

Next, mix your two-part epoxy and spread generously over the glass base. Apply pressure to seal and let sit for 24 hours.


The end result is truly unique and a great conversation piece for entertaining at home!