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Sewee what we’ve been up to!

We know you’ve been patiently waiting, so we won’t waste any time with the details just yet…

Now, a little bit about the shoot. All photos were taken at Sewee Preserve, a brand new venue to the Charleston event community!

Not only was it the first time the venue has been photographed, but it was also Sweet Pea’s photographic debut – isn’t she purty?! I mean how adorable is that dinner for two in her truck bed??

Our wonderful photographer, Virgil Bunao, did a fabulous job (as usual) capturing all the details of our most complicated shoot to date. Two ceremony sites, two tents, two lounge areas, one dinner scene, portraits, and more, suffice to say that this shoot could not have happened without the help of many fantastic people!

Special thanks to:

Caroline Baker of Maude Couture, Tim Woodland and team of Sperry Tents Southeast, Amy from the Village Bakery, plus our models Gray Benko, Suzanne Hogg, Anne Marie Murtagh, and Alejandro!


Wedding of the Week: Rebekah Johnson

It was a sunny day at the Cotton Dock at Boone Hall, inside and out. With a unique mixture of new and old, we decked out the dock in hues of orange, antique silver, and grey to compliment the warm tones of the rustic wood interior. Rebekah wanted very personal touches of decor throughout – from cut crystal candlesticks to custom-made fabric – so we assembled an unexpected combination of vintage and modern, unpolished metal and sleek alabaster, plus lush naturals and graphic patterns.

For another special touch, we had grey and white striped fabric printed for a modern twist on the traditional aisle.

It was also the first time we got to use a few of our awesome new rentals – our Patterned Drumshade and Bed Swing – perfect for adding a modern touch to an indoor or outdoor venue.

Congratulations Rebekah & Ben!


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