We’ve caught the rearranging bug. Well, we might always have it as many of you can attest to. But this summer, we’ve got it in a big way! To start it off, we’d like to share a few little do-it-yourself projects we just completed that some of you might find useful in your own home!

DIY – Rustic spindle jewelry hanger

What you’ll need: 1 weathered spindle (ours are a weathered white but you can choose any color!), 4 iron dowels (of preferred length), a base (ours is a plain block of wood but get creative!), a drill, and wood glue.


First, drill four holes (2 perpendicular to the other 2) the width of your dowel all the way through the spindle. Keep in mind placement of the holes to compensate for necklace and earring lengths. Next use a q-tip or other small tool to stick a little wood glue in the holes to fully secure the dowels. Let the glue dry then glue the spindle onto the base. And, voila! You are now a proud owner of a custom rustic spindle jewelry hanger.

DIY – purse wall

What you’ll need: funky hooks (Anthopologie always has great options or search Etsy for fun vintage hooks!), a drill, and a blank wall : )


Use a pencil to mark the screw holes for your hooks and to help figure out placement. We used a simple alternating grid pattern in order to maximize space but again, get creative! The placement can be random or a dramatic diagonal line. Also, keep in mind purse size/height and size of other items you might want to include such as hats or scarves. Next simply, drill in screws to secure hooks and decorate! The end result is striking and a great way to enjoy your purses as art when they are not in use.

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